Liqum Liquid Analysis Service

Liqum customers use the Liqum Early Warning solution for water and liquid quality assurance in real time. When a change is detected, the Liqum Liquid Analysis Service is used to analyse the changes in detail.

When the Liqum Early Warning sensor detects a change in water quality, the customer takes a water sample and sends it, in the receptacle provided, to the Liqum Liquid Analysis Service, which identifies the elements, nutrients, and total organic carbon content.

  1. - 69 elements
  2. - Nutrients: phosphate-phosphorus, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate
  3. - TOC
  4. - Colour
  5. - Silicate

The results of this analysis are compared to the results of the analysis which was made when the Liqum monitoring system was taken into use.

Liqum has forged collaborative relationships with selected accredited laboratories, enabling it to provide the most rapid and accurate Liquid Analysis Service in the world.