A joint survey by the Smart Water Networks Forum, with contributions by water utilities serving more than 25 million customers from around the globe – USA, Latin American, Australia, Asia and across Europe –during November-December 2011, reveals that the value of real-time online monitoring is perceived very high with an average rating of 9 on a scale of 1-10

By increasing the frequency of data transmissions, utilities can enhance their network visibility and increase their savings.The main benefits of using more frequent data transmissions, as perceived by water utilities participating in  the survey:

- Improved quality of service for our customers
- Reduced energy expenses
- Reduced OPEX from find & fix
- Reduced number of burstsReduced leakage
- Early detection of water contamination
- Early detection of network failures
- Higher compliance with regulatory targets
- Better network management
- Better network visibility

Real-time online monitoring is much like mobile phones are to us now: once a product only for the wealthy and hip – soon to be an essential tool for everything we do” – Senior Engineer, European water utility serving more than 1 million customers

Full report can be read at SWAN – Smart Water Networks Forum