Until recently, real-time water and liquid quality monitoring was nothing more than a seemingly distant dream. However, thanks to the rapid progress in information technology and micro-electronics, that dream has become a reality.

Liqum's unique technology for real-time monitoring and reporting of water and liquid quality is the world's only single-sensor solution capable of detecting many organic and non-organic contaminations as low as a few parts per billion.

While other water monitoring and contamination detection systems are designed to look for specific inorganic molecules, Liqum takes quite the opposite approach. Liqum's sensor unit allows the operator to set the required definition of purity, and then monitors the water continuously for deviations from that defined purity - the sensor 'tastes' any changes as soon as they occur, and reports them instantly in real-time by SMS or email. The results are also relayed to an intuitive user interface. The data is instant, usable and easy to interpret.



 The Liqum Early Warning sensor detects changes in redox using unique multi-electrode technology.

Typical sensitivity 0,1 mg/l – 50 mg/l