Liqum’s vision was born 1992, when Liqum's founder, automation engineer Sakari Laitinen, sat in an airplane looking down over Greenland. He saw the beautiful blue ocean, white ice sheets and blue sky and thought how he could help start protecting our most vital asset – water. Sakari decided that one day he would develop a real-time worldwide water monitoring network.

Liqum Oy was established in 1999. With the help of a group of leading chemists, engineers and top scientists in Finland and around the world, and with the emphasis on the use of electro-chemistry, Liqum developed its unique liquid monitoring technology. The first commercial system was sold two years later to the high-tech Finnish papermaking industry. Since then, Liqum technology has proven to be extremely valuable in assuring water quality in several industries, including water treatment, beverage, environment, pharmaceutical, aquafarming, bioenergy, pulp & paper, and mining & minerals.

For over a decade Liqum has delivered its unique water and liquid quality monitoring solutions to its valued customers around the world. The vision of a worldwide real-time water-monitoring network is becoming a reality.