Liqum in brief

Liqum is a leading global provider of a real-time clean water and liquid quality monitoring solution for industrial processes and the natural environment.

Liqum utilizes its extensive experience and advanced process know-how by providing services based on proprietary technologies.  Liqum works in close partnership with its customers and provides proven environmentally sound and energy-saving solutions.

Liqum Oy was established in 1999 by a group of leading electro-chemistry engineers, chemists and scientists. The team developed a real-time liquid quality monitoring system. This unique state-of-the-art technology was originally designed with continuous liquid production processes in mind, but has since found many non-industrial applications too.

Liqum Early Warning service monitors liquids in industrial processes and in the natural environment and detects quality-changes caused by contamination, disturbances or incorrect chemical dosing. Monitoring is continuous, accurate and reliable. Deviations from the desired quality level are reported immediately, giving the operator time to take preventive action.

Liqum's monitoring and reporting service is very easy to use; parameters are easy to set and the data is presented online in the clearest possible format. Moreover, installation of the service is quick, clean and non disruptive.

Today, Liqum leads diverse and groundbreaking water research and -exploration, and liquid production process monitoring projects around the world. The patented Liqum technology is being used in the water treatment, beverage, environment, pharmaceutical, aquafarming, bioenergy, pulp & paper, and mining & minerals.

It is portable and can be operated from a mobile phone even in the most isolated areas in the world.